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Tales of a Hollywood Housewife book

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Lee Marvin and Betty Marvin

This is not just another “Hollywood Story”. Betty’s marriage to Lee Marvin will take you on a sweeping journey… to be able to emerge as a survivor from those tumultuous days is remarkable. It take guts to keep marching forward. Betty does just that in her entertaining, humorous and poignant memoir.

– Tab Hunter

Tales of a Hollywood Housewife

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Betty and Lee Marvin with Family In 1951, I met a young actor named Lee Marvin at a party. He was just getting into movies and I was fresh out of college studying to be an opera singer. Only days before, I’d left my hellish first job, working for Joan Crawford as nanny to her four children. Lee proposed to me on April Fool’s day, and three months later we were married.

My life has moved pretty fast. Writing the book brought back memories as if I were thumbing through photographs, each one suddenly coming into frame:

•  An evening at the home of a young Lena Horne, who danced as Bobby Short played the piano and I sang;

• Marlon Brando coming to our house evenings after shooting “The Wild One” with Lee, playing on the floor with our baby son;

• The Most Intoxicated Easter of All Time – dinner with Lee’s family, which included my husband throwing a leg of lamb across the table at his brother’s head;

• The increasing loneliness of the Hollywood Life, as I put aside my own career, cared for our four children, and played hostess to celebrities while Lee’s drinking tore us apart;

• Opening Paris V, the first boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and the fabulous fashion shows that took place at the famous Brown Derby;

• Learning to fly a plane, and flying my elderly mother to a special spot;

• Losing everything.  I was 62, immersed in art and travel, when I got taken for a ride by a con artist.  Forget the Hollywood home I had shared with Lee and our kids, or even the much simpler artist studio I had been living in; I had nothing.  I lived out of my car with my dog and my typewriter – and that was the beginning of the book.

I hope you’ll read it and enjoy it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Paris V - Betty Marvin's Rodeo Drive Boutique Betty Marvin with her Brother Betty and Lee Marvin - Sailing with the family to Hawaii Lee Marvin at home dressed as Chino