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Creative Work by Betty Marvin
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Sand Domes Hut Sunset Mink Box by Betty Marvin Betty Marvin's art  Mink Box

Sand Domes
I was on the beach in Baja, remembering the sand castles I used to
build as a child.  When I got home I opened a copy of
Dwell Magazine - and there was an article on solar sand castles, built
by Nader Khalili of Cal Earth.  Khalili became my mentor and dear
friend as I learned the process of building eco-domes.  Winters
often find me living in my own solar powered sand castles by the sea.

“What I Did For Love” Mink Boxes
Years ago, Lee gave me a luxuriant mink coat.  In my book, I wrote of
the many unexpected roles that coat ended up playing in my life.  Years
after I’d stopped wearing it, the coat inspired an artistic collection: I cut it
up into pelts and used the mink to cover a number of satin-lined pine boxes. Each box contained an object of desire – a mock wedding ring, a love
letter, lyrics to a torch song. The collection, entitled “What I Did For Love”
has been shown in California and in several international exhibits.


Here are a few of my paintings, along with a piece from a mixed media collection:

My Dog and My Cat by Betty Marvin Floating Frame 7 Floating Frame 2 by Betty Marvin Seascapes by Betty Marvin

My Dog and My Cat
Acrylic on Paper, 24" x 36" - From a series entitled “Another Time, Another Place”.

Floating Frame #1, #7
Acrylic on canvas
I painted a series of these ‘Floating Frames’, including the two you see here. Floating Frame series, #1 was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Floating Frame #7 was in a solo exhibit at Richard Bennett Gallery,
Los Angeles.

Mixed Media:
Seascape series

Collage on handmade paper,
24" x 36"

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