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Hello! Thanks for stopping by to check out my spot on the web. If we were sitting in my back garden, I’d welcome you with a glass of champagne, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy taking a look around, seeing some of my work and hearing what I’ve got coming up. I’m especially excited about the release of my new memoir, Tales of a Hollywood Housewife

My life has been a series of adventures, and sharing my story is turning out to be an adventure in itself. I didn’t plan to work for Joan Crawford, or to marry Lee Marvin, and I certainly didn’t plan to wake up one morning years later after a ‘Hollywood life’ with nothing but a car, a typewriter, and a German Shepherd to my name! But it was that experience and the challenge of recreating my life that led me to write the book. If you’re one of the many people who have responded, I thank you. Together, we’ll dive straight into the amazing world of adventures. I’ve never been afraid to reveal my past and I’m not ashamed of the fact that when being in college, I used "order an essay" help from companies like SpeedyPaper. This helped me improve my writing talent and develop my own style of putting words on paper. Now, I’m ready to share it with you!

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